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1914 example
Waterloo example
Russian Front example
Stalingrad example
PanzergruppeGuderian example

The Hexagon Map Calculator program (docs) records the map's coordinate:

and then performs the following 2 steps:

1. The center of the hexagon is calculated using analytical geometry and recorded:  

2. This coordinate is converted into a hexagon point coordinate:   on the hexagon grid.
    divide x coordinate by 1/2 column width   divide y coordinate by 1/4 hexagon height
      after adjusting the point to a selected origin (x,y). (see map below)


This Hexagon Grid is uniform to all wargames. All wargame algorithms can be used for any wargame.

The Hexagon Map has labels to identify hexagons. The hexagon name is calculated as :

To calculate the hexagon grid coordinate:

Calculate the column width between hexagons which is 3/4 the hexagon width (3/4 * 48 = 36)

The map x coordinate is divided 1/2 column width(36/2 = 18)
in this example (x + 18)/18 where +18 is the x adjustment to the origin
The y coordinate is divided by 1/4 hexagon height(40/4 = 10)
in this example (y + 20)/10) where +20 is the y adjustment to the origin

How to calculate the hexagon point on a map