Battle Analysis: Hexagon Library


Hexagon Library: The hexagon library methods:

  1. integer Point
  2. Hexagon Grid Calculator
  3. Hexagon Map Calculator
  4. Line of Sight Algorithm

Additional calculators

  1. Hexagon Name Calculator calculates the unique wargame hexaon labeling convention.
  2. Line of Sight Calculator calculates the unique line of sight for each wargame.
  3. Line of Communications Calculator calculates the unique line of communication for each wargame.
  4. A* pathfinding

The Hexagon Map has a Hexagon Grid cartesian coordinate system that is used for hexagon math.

Scale the coordinates on the map by a factor of
   1/4 the hexagon height and 1/2 the hexagon columnwidth.

  Note: the y-axis is on a √3 scale with the x-axis.

The distance on the x-axis to the next hexagon is 2 units. The distance on the y-axis is 4 units.

Note: the coordinates do not match the hexagon name.

The Hexagon Name is a label and not a coordinate. It is calculated.

The Hexagon Grid coordinates are used for wargame calculations:

Note: since the hexagon grid is a cartesian coordinate system, all the Math from Analytic Geometry and trigonometry can be used for range, bearing, line of sight calculations.